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Raya Khashab

EZ Clocker
“PageSpeed Matters is a great company to work with. They got our blog website optimized and increased the Page speed to 97% which was a huge improvement for us. They know their stuff and communicate very well. Highly recommend.”

Mario Cimmino

“Matt is a pleasure to work with. He took the time to answer all of our questions and most importantly delivered on our project on time and with great results. Great guy, highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their site’s performance and load speeds.”

Callum Liddell

Top Idea Global
"Matt was excellent, he was extremely patient and was able to fix some serious performance and speed issues on our website. Will definitely hire again and cannot recommend him highly enough."

Micheal Barrett

Pavement Layers
“Matt is simple, fun, easy to work with and is a master at his craft. Price does not matter when you know what you are getting with measurable results— thank you so much, we will have many more projects in the near future!”

Matt Smith

Apps PC Wiki
“Matt was super great to work with. He answered all of my questions about the job (of which I had quite a few) and made sure I was completely satisfied with the site speed of the primary pages we were measuring. Definitely would recommend!”

Christian Smith

Social Fishing
“PageSpeed Matters is THE BEST!!! They get stuff done! My websites are 10x faster!!! I will ALWAYS use WP Speed Guys from this point forward!!”

Benjamin Rose

PT Pioneer
“Matt is fantastic at WordPress optimization for Speed. He was very transparent and everything he did and got the job done extremely quickly.”

Kevin Brown

Front Range HVAC
“Excellent service and communication. Will hire again.”

Brandon Osterbind

Osterbind Law
“Matt kept me informed every step of the way and delivered on his promises. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Shane Davies

Davies BDM
“Excellent work on our site load speed, great communication and addressed any queries we had promptly. Highly recommend Matt.”

Marc Blackwood

Management Pros
“Matt was very responsive and knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with and outstanding results!!!”

Kirsten Conner

Flourish Beauty Lab
“Matt was extremely knowledgeable about page speed and worked to quickly resolve the issues for us. He was also great at communicating along the way.”

Jeremy McGilvrey

Jeremy McGilvrey
“Very happy with the work completed. Our website is significantly faster now. Will come back to Matthew again soon for more WordPress support.”

Carey Bernstein

Ackerly Green
“I’ve now hired Matt several times. I really value his efficiency, clear explanation of work completed, and knowledge of WordPress and how to best secure and optimize the platform. He’s a favorite hire.”

Scott Keller

Bird Watching HQ
“Matt DRASTICALLY increased my site speed for both mobile and desktop. To be honest, I didn’t think it was possible to have my site “be fast” anymore, but Matt figured it out. Easy to work with, highly recommended!”

Rebecca S

Apogeo Group
“Matt went above and beyond because my knowledge and understanding of his work is limited. He answered questions, looked beyond project scope at my site, revised and changed things to optimize, and was upbeat and patient.”

Paxton Calvanese

Drive Weather App
“Very good services. All three website’s performance increased dramatically and I had many performance plugins already in place. Great job!”

Gwynne Rife

Gwynnestone Originals
“I cannot say how excellent it was to work with Matt on this Speed Optimization project.
He was so great and efficient. It is my second time working with him and I will certainly think of him first next time I need help! I am so happy that I found him to provide this service, he is very on top of the latest developments in his expertise areas!”

Ryan Rodden

BGA Insurance
“Matt did a great job and turned things around quickly. The site loads fast and is exactly what we needed.”

Tiena Manypenny

Copy Tech Systems
“Matt did a fantastic job getting the project done quickly and successfully! Hope to be able to use him again for additional projects!”

Daniel Morris

My Caring Plan
“Matt was great and was helpful in explaining his modifications to my website. He even jumped on a video screen share to explain what he changed.”

Nate Torres

Nate Imaginate
“Matt is very professional, gets the job done, and is available for any questions that you have. I will be using him again in the future for any needed future optimizations. Highly recommend!”

David Gold

“Matt is a pleasure to work with. He took the time to answer all of our questions and most importantly delivered on our project on time and with great results. Great guy, highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their site’s performance and load speeds.”

Chet Gunhus

Youth Enrichment League
“Matt was very fast in completing the job. He also responded to messages very quickly leaving little time to question what was going on. It was first time using UpWork and I’d say it was very successful.”

Eric Ramos

Record Purge
I’ve had experts optimize my websites for speed before so I had a frame of reference going into this job. Matt did an awesome job and he was super quick and responsive. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

Les McKeown

Predictable Success
“Great job all round by Matt. Went beyond the call of duty and would definitely hire again.”

Iris Crawford

Naturkur Wellness
“Great communication, very helpful and quick.”

Mark Machaalani

Unified Lawyers
“Matt is amazing to deal with. Responds quickly and does everything in his power to ensure that the job is done properly and that the client (me) was happy with his services. He also goes above and beyond what the contract stipulates to ensure the work is done properly.”

Lorne Fade

VR Vision
“Awesome job optimizing our website!”

Nathan Steele

Steele Industries Inc.
“Matt did a great job getting our website Gtmetix scores above 90% in a short amount of time. Our teams and customers have noticed a drastic improvement. Use the pro’s like Matt, they can get it done at very reasonable cost. The reward outweighs any doubt you might have. Will use Matt again for our needs. Thanks, Matt!”

Tanya Paluso

Sistership Circle
“Stellar Job! We had a very complicated (in our eyes) site and we’re hesitant to enable caching given the number of scripts we run and how old our site is. Matt was there to assist with everything that came up and was even available on Labor Day weekend. Our site is now cached and page speeds have improved significantly. Highly recommend!”

Brian Larsen

Restora Pet
"Honestly, working with Matt has been one of the best projects I've done. We had a preliminary meeting and Matt laid out exactly what was going on with the site, what needed to be done to improve loading speed, and a reasonable budget for the project. He was thorough and detailed and set realistic expectations for how much he could improve the loading speed. A few days later, Matt finished the work and he had significantly exceeded his own projections for how much he could improve the site. In some cases, there were pages that went from a loading score of 9/100 to over 90/100. I'm excited to see how the dramatic improvements in loading speed improve our conversions and reduce site abandonment. Would recommend Matt to anyone!"

Brett Helling

Gig Worker
"Matt communicated well and was thorough and professional in his work. I would highly recommend him if you're looking to speed up your website."

Caitlin V Neal

Caitlin V Neal
"If you want a blazing fast website without all the hassle of being your own tech whiz... Then I want to recommend Matt... The Upwork Genie. All you have to do to release the powers of Matt's greatness is message him. No rubbing needed. State your wish and he grants it. Don't spend another minute looking for the "right guy" (or gal). If you are reading this I have done the vetting for you. You have found your genie."

Claire Sasse

PH Data
"Matt helped our team solved some challenging issues on our site in addition to significantly increasing the page speeds across the site. His work was timely and he answered all of my follow up questions! I will likely hire him again in the future."

Tif Ventura

Running Robots
"This is my second project with Matt, excellent work again with increasing page speed on my clients site. He was very patient with me in working with the client and the other IT firm trying to sort out accounts and such, I extremely appreciate his flexibility and his promptness to answer questions."

Ryan Rodden

Fluent AI
"Matt knows his stuff. He is a strong communicator, good at setting expectations, and effective."

Bulent Donmez

Appy Bee
"I can say this guy is like the wizard of WordPress. I wanted the site fast, it became lighting fast. Thank you and until the next website."

Geoff Ronning

Stealth Seminar
“Completed project on time with no issues. Used in the past, will use in the future. Highly recommended professional.”

Adrian Mora

"Page loading times are night and day faster. Thanks again!"

Will Nock

Dayboard Maritime
“Matt was fantastic and more than quadrupled our mobile and desktop PageSpeed ratings. We'll definitely have him do more for us in the future.”

James Parsons

Hi Tech Trader
“Matt was a pleasure to work with and a professional. I would recommend him to others.”

Sebastian Canaves

Off the path
"Really great work. We went from 12 to 75 for mobile and from 63 to 95 on desktop. Really happy with the outcome and I hope that these results will help our SEO in the future."

Maurice Fuller

Stack Vantage
“Matt did an awesome job helping us improve the performance of our WooCommerce site. He pointed us in the right direction and our site now runs dramatically faster. I cannot overstate how happy we are with Matt's recommendations.”

Andy Baldacci

Saber Sim
"Matt exceeded expectations and was great to work with"

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