Our Process

Explore our process below and click to learn more about each phase of our process.

Website Analysis

< 24 hours
This is where we take a deep dive in the issues with your website’s speed and start developing a plan of action for resolving them.

Staging Server Optimization

3-4 days
Before any work is done on the live site, we perform the optimizations first on a staging server.

Breakage Testing

1-2 days
After the optimizations to the staging server are finished, we will test the website pages and all major functionality to ensure there are no breakages before making the website live.

Live website application

3-4 days
After the optimizations to the staging server are finished and the site is checked for breakages, we will begin applying the optimizations piece-by-piece to the live site.


< 24 hours
When the optimization is finished, we will send over the before/after reports for you to review and share with your team.

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