Restora Pet 

Case Study

Project Overview
Brian Larsen, the founder of Restora Pet came to us to help optimize his highly customized Woocommerce website.  Brian mentioned that he was seeing a direct correlation between the website speed and bounce rate on the website through Hotjar recordings. 

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How did the project go?
Brian Larsen
Founder, Restora Pet
"Honestly, working with Matt and the PageSpeed Matters team has been one of the best projects I've done. We had a preliminary meeting and Matt laid out exactly what was going on with the site, what needed to be done to improve loading speed, and a reasonable budget for the project. He was thorough and detailed and set realistic expectations for how much he could improve the loading speed. A few days later, Matt finished the work and he had significantly exceeded his own projections for how much he could improve the site. In some cases, there were pages that went from a loading score of 9/100 to over 90/100. I'm excited to see how the dramatic improvements in loading speed improve our conversions and reduce site abandonment. Would recommend Matt to anyone!"

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