6 more powerful tips

Getting More Upwork Sales

Did you enjoy my previous 3 tips?  Here are 6 more tips that helped me personally get over 500 jobs on Upwork!  Stay tuned for more weekly tips.

check the data

Preferred qualifications & Activity on this job

If you don't meet any of the qualifications, it's likely your proposal won't be seen by the client.

Jobs that have a specified location are sorted in a different folder than the rest of the proposals and are typically ignored.

Also, check to see if the client has hired for the job already as they will likely not respond to your proposal or even view it.

learn more

About the client

The average hourly rate a client spends can help indicate how much they're used to spending on contracts, and help avoid the jobs that are low paying.

Don't ignore

Client's recent history

Does the client have multiple poor reviews from freelancers? Chances are, they can be a pain to work with and you should likely pass on the job. Client's with poor reviews can lead to failed jobs, bad feedback, and even refunds.

Don't forget

Always get on a call with the client

Everyone can message and clients are likely communicating with multiple freelancers at the same time, so getting on a call really helps you stand out.

FOllow up

Send a follow up with a call to action to get started

I'll always send what we need to get started if the client is receptive to my strategy and is looking to get started.

If the client is not interested, I'll still send a follow up but instead with links to my case studies and testimonials.

Don't forget

Set notifications to get reminded of new jobs posted

Being one of the first people who apply to a job on Upwork will get you recognized and interviewed more frequently.

There are several Chrome extensions you can use to alert you when a new job is posted.

I like Leapfrog leads because it sends an email directly to your inbox when a new job is posted.


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